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 News - 17-Oct-2019

Climate Change – Are The Maldives Under Threat

If you have ever wanted to visit the stunning island nation of the Maldives, you might want to get a move on. Climate change experts warn that many of the islands could be in danger of disappearing completely while others could become uninhabitable within decades.
Why is the Maldives in Danger

As the Maldives is made up of low-lying islands, rising sea waters could be putting them in danger of disappearing. In fact, according to an alarming report by the World Bank, the projected increase in sea levels could result in the entire country being submerged by the year 2100!

Scientists are predicting that as sea levels rise, many of the islands will suffer regular flooding, in turn leading to damage to infrastructure and an eventual dwindling of freshwater sources. This is a scenario that could make hundreds of islands uninhabitable.

Dr Curt Storlazzi, the lead author of a study which was published in the Science Advances journal, said, “The tipping point when potable groundwater on the majority of atoll islands will be unavailable is projected to be reached no later than the middle of the 21st century”.

What We Could be Missing

The fact that this stunning island nation is under threat is hugely significant, but it is something that many people in the world are oblivious to. Climate change is, even now, having an enormous impact on the lives of countless individuals, so more needs to be done to help alleviate the problem.

You may have recently heard of Greta Thunberg. The Swedish teenager is an environmental activist who gained international recognition after addressing the United Nations Climate Change Conference and urging the world to act to stop the current climate crisis. Thunberg has certainly highlighted the issue of climate change and the impact it is having on the world for future generations. But while you may now know a little bit more about climate change, do you know what you could be missing if the world does not act

In terms of the Maldives, the world could lose a uniquely beautiful Indian Ocean jewel. If you have never been to the Maldives, you are missing out on some of the world’s most incredible scenery. Beautiful white sands line coasts surrounded by turquoise waters. Tropical palm trees and lush vegetation are abundant on the islands, and the native wildlife is both diverse and stunning. It is no surprise then that the country is currently one of the top luxury tourist destinations in the world.

For now, tourism is a major industry in the Maldives with many of the islands housing top hotels and resorts and where luxury holidays are the stuff of dreams. However, in just a few short decades, tourism could become a thing of the past in the Maldives. And if the worst-case scenario were to occur, this stunning archipelago could disappear altogether, leaving hundreds of thousands of people with nowhere to go.

The Maldivian government is working hard to prevent the worst from happening by using expensive engineering solutions to protect against rising sea levels. The country also has a goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2020.

It is hoped that action on the part of international governments can help to reverse the impact of climate change. Nevertheless, if you want to see this tropical nation in all its glory, now is the perfect.

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