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 News - 07-May-2019

Is The Maldives A Safe Destination

It is natural to worry about safety when travelling abroad. The sad reality is that in some countries tourists are often targeted,with many becoming victims of petty crime such as theft. And unfortunately, in today's world terrorism is a very real risk in some locations. But what about the Maldives Is it a safe place to visit

UK Government Advice

There was some political unrest in the Maldives during 2018, with protests in the capital Malé and some other towns. However, those staying in resorts in outlying islands were not affected, and this is typically the case whenever there are protests or rallies in the country.
As well as this, as with visits to most countries, tourists most commonly face a risk of losing passports or getting them stolen. When it comes to safety, most incidents facing British tourists abroad are accidents relating to swimming or diving. The UK Government therefore advises British tourists to take care when swimming or diving and that they be aware of street crime and take care of their valuables and personal possessions.

Is there a Risk of Terrorism in the Maldives

According to the UK Government website, there is a risk of terrorism in the Maldives, just as there is in most other countries. In 2017 and in 2018, the Maldivian authorities arrested a number of men who had been planning an attack on the Maldives. Advise to tourists (again, as it is in many other countries around the world)is to be vigilant to the threat of terrorism.

What to Know about Maldives Laws

Maldivian law is obviously different to that in the UK. For example, crimes that include possession of drugs can carry severe penalties,potentially even meaning life in prison. You should also be aware that the Maldives is an Islamic country,which means it is prohibited to publicly observe any other religion. Local customs, traditions, religions, and laws must be respected at all times as failure to do so could also theoretically result in a prison sentence.

While in your resort, the dress code is typically informal, but you need to remember that when visiting non-resort island sit is important to be sensitive to local dress codes and standards. Also be aware that it is strictly prohibited to sunbathe nude or topless anywhere in the Maldives, including in the resorts.

Additionally, as same sex relationships are currently illegal in the Maldives, it is important for members of the LGBT community to exercise discretion, especially so when outside the resort.

Booking a Maldives Holiday

On a much more positive note, 99% of visits to the Maldives are completely trouble-free and tourists generally have a wonderful time in this paradise location.

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