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 News - 10-Jul-2019

Why The Maldives Is A Dream Destination

The Maldives: a scattering of coral islands in the Indian Ocean, and one of the top destinations in the world for all kinds of travellers. This tropical nation is well known for its untouched beaches, warm lagoons, and beautiful coral reefs, all of which make it an excellent place to explore with that special someone or with family and friends. But just what is it that makes the Maldives so special Below are just a few reasons we think why:

Maldivian Culture

The Maldives is not just about five-star resorts and beaches; it also has one of the most interesting and colourful cultures in the world. The capital Malé is filled with bustling markets where you can get a first-hand taste for this vibrant country. Alternatively, look out for the regular beach parties where you might just learn the traditional bodu beru dance.

World-Class Spas

Looking for a chance to de-stress The Maldives has countless high-quality spas where you can detox from the stresses of everyday life. With everything from full body massages to hair treatments, it is easy to get your pampering fix in while on holiday.

The Food

Traditional Maldivian cuisine is largely made up of fresh fish and coconuts, making it wonderfully lightweight and packed full of flavour. Take your pick from delicious soups to spicy curries, or perhaps sample some international cuisine at the resorts™ many renowned restaurants.


Take a dip in the azure waters around the Maldives and you will be treated to a kaleidoscope of colour as an incredible array of marine life make their home around the vibrant coral reefs. There are plenty of snorkelling and diving centres around for you to start your underwater adventure.

Natural Wonders

The Maldives is easily one of the most stunning destinations in the world thanks in no small part to the beautiful scenery and vast array of flora and fauna that inhabit the islands. One of the most unforgettable sights you could come across is the bioluminescence apparently washing up on the shores of Voodoo Island – these tiny plankton emit a glow and leave the shores seemingly glittering with hundreds of little lights.


The Maldives is known for its seclusion and tranquil surroundings, with many resorts located on their own private islands. This makes it the perfect destination to visit with your partner, whether you are headed off on your honeymoon or just want to spend some quality time together.

Great Surfing

Irrespective of if you’re a seasoned pro or just want to try your hand at catching a few waves, the Maldives is a great spot to hone your skills. With year-round sunshine, some of the best waves around, and very little competition for space, you’ll be hanging ten before you know it.

From breathtaking sunsets to fun-packed activities, the Maldives has so much to offer. Families will love to spend some bonding time together taking part in water sports or simply relaxing on the beaches, while couples will relish the chance to soak up this island paradise. To see what the Maldives could offer you, start planning and book your trip today! Contact us for information on how we can help you book your dream holiday to this Indian Ocean paradise.

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