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Maldives Wedding Holidays

While the coral islands of the Maldives make an ideal honeymoon destination, they are also perfect for the wedding of a lifetime. Combining a wedding ceremony with a holiday break is becoming increasingly popular, and not just for the rich and famous; many married couples are also taking advantage of wedding holidays to renew their vows.

Wedding holidays can be tailored to suit individual requirements. The bride and groom may choose to have their special ceremony in a luxurious resort, with all of their friends and family enjoying the occasion. Others may prefer a small and relaxed affair, using a beautiful beach and warm weather to provide a setting for those important vows to be taken.
Many Maldivian holiday resorts provide wedding experts who can help to make that special day a success. They can offer a range of suitable venues for the ceremony, offer advice and information for that all-important reception, and also recommend the most appropriate resorts for the wedding guests.
Our Maldives Wedding Holidays: